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Walking accessories, books, gadgets and more. All you need to stay safe, comfy and well informed when out walking!

Back Packs

The best backpacks for walkers and nordic walkers


Bags for walking poles, backpacks and waist packs for walkers

Baskets & Tips

Spikes, tips and snow baskets for nordic walking poles


Nordic walking books, maps and guides for walkers


Carry cases and bags for Nordic walking, trekking and hiking poles

Clearance Sale

End of season bargains for walkers - grab them while you can


Lightweight Nordic walking, trail running and hiking poles that collapse down for carrying and travelling

Covid safety

Covid secure face masks and gels for walkers

Dog Harnesses & Acecssories

dog walking harnesses that are comfy for you and your dog plus poop bags and more!

Dog Walking

dog walking accessories, harnesses, and equipment for your favourite walking companion


Poles with the height adjustment close to the handle which minimises vibration and improves performance.

Face Masks

Covid secure WALX branded face mask

First Aid & Safety

Stay safe when walking with portable first aid accessories, ice packs and tick removers

First Aid Kits

First aid kits for walking with everything you need in your backpack


Everything thing you need to turn a walk into a total body walk

Fixed Length

One piece poles that come in 5 cm height increments with no adjustments.

Foot Health

Avoid blisters when walking with foot oils and blister pads


Keep those feet healthy, comfy and dry with the right walking kit

Fuel & Hydration

Stay well hydrated and have the right fuel when out walking

Fully Adjustable

2 piece Nordic walking poles which can be adjusted to suit all heights

Gifts and Vouchers

Gift vouchers for Nordic walking tuition, equipment in the WALX store and more! Simple to buy on line


gloves for walking, nordic walking and the great outdoors

Gymsticks and bands

Fitness bands and sticks for strength training on the go


Caps, headbands and bobble hats for walkers and nordic walkers


Be seen and be safe when walking with high viz walking gear


Poles for trekking and hiking, male and female styles. Ergonomic handles, telescopic, lightweight and comfortable poles We stock a large range of hiking poles from Leki Poles, Gabel and Fizan to suit all budgets There is a huge choice now of telescopic, collapsable, extendable and adjustable poles. There is carbon and alloy. Talk to the experts and we can guide you through the right poles for you


Jackets for nordic walking and walking in all weathers

Lights & Head Torches

See ahead when walking in the dark with headtorches, backpack and walking pole lights


Find your way when walking and Nordic walking with our navigation tools.

Nordic Walking

The best selection of Nordic Walking poles in the UK. Talk to the experts that brought Nordic Walking to the UK and have trained over 5000 Nordic Walking Instructors. We have the best brands chosen by experts for performance and quality We have Leki Poles, Gabel Poles, Fizan Poles and Urban Poles. You have the choice of Adjustable poles, Extendable poles, Fixed Length Poles, Telescopic poles and Collapsable poles. There is Carbon and Alloy. Talk to the experts and we will guide you through to get the right poles for you


Rubber tips, nordic walking paws, trekking pads and ferrules for all makes of Nordic walking and trekking poles

Pole Accessories

Nordic walking pole accessories from straps and paws to tips, spikes and snow baskets

Pole Bags

Bags for carrying and storing nordic walking poles of all sizes


Poles for nordic walking, hiking, trail running, total body walking and rehabilitation - we have poles for every occasion!


Insect repellents that keep pesky midges, mossies and ticks at bay when out walking


Nordic walking and Hiking shoes that are made for comfort and performance in the wet or dry and on any terrain


Socks for nordic walking and hiking, short or long, padded and super comfortable

Strapless / Fitness

Strapless poles with power core ledge for fitness walking, total body walking, nordic walking and balance/rehabilitation


Nordic walking straps of all sizes and for all makes of poles - including glove style straps

T shirts and Race Vests

Lightweight cool tech clothing for nordic walking and walking - stay cool and dry


3 piece nordic walking poles that break down for portability when not in use

Tick Removers

Tick remover to carry when walking, credit card size with hooks for ticks of all sizes

Waist Bags

Waist packs for walkers and nordic walking


walking in winter, everything you need to stay toasty and safe