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28 April 2021 FAMILY WALX



There is nothing better than walking when it comes to an activity to share with the Family. Children, like dogs can cover double the distance as they dash off in front and return to the oldies. They can learn from every sound, encounter with wildlife and historical feature encountered along the way and the fresh air and exercise will leave them tired yet refreshed. Being in nature works wonders on children and is so good for them too ….. so it’s never too early to get them outdoors.

If you want to instill a love for exploration in your children, make sure they are excited BEFORE The walk by packing a backpack, kitting them out correctly (if they are uncomfortable they will ruin the walk for everybody) and making them feel like an adventurer. At WALX we think that giving kids a pair of poles has four major benefits.

  1. Kids just love feeling like an explorer so it brings our the bear Grylls in them and makes a walk more exciting – its like adding a toy to the walk.
  2. They are actually working their whole body so are getting double the exercise benefits
  3. They will actually slow down and not get so far ahead as its harder work than it looks
  4. If the Parents use them too, it can make being active as a Family something they accept as the norm which is proven to set them up for a lifetime of being physically active.

So, as long as the poles look good, are safe and at the right height they really are a win win for a Family walk. We recommend the Leki walker XS junior because they are lightweight, superb quality and come with all the extras too.

The trick to providing poles for Children is to not try and teach them how to use them – just them do their own thing! Yes. they will attempt the odd joust so a warning re keeping the tips on the ground is always good but if they are relaxed they will fall into a natural co-ordinated stride pattern that feels right for them