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Leki large rubber paws (pair)


Larger rubber paws for Leki nordic walking poles – sometimes a bigger paw helps you to gain more traction when using poles at an angle on hard surfaces – these Leki larger paws are made of soft rubber and have super treads for maximum grip. Fit all Leki Nordic walking and walking poles with a tungsten tip – may not fit Leki smart tip poles.

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Large rubber paws for safe and additional grip.

These paws are ideal for, not only the novice or cautious Nordic walker, giving added confidence in damp conditions and promoting good technique, but also for the experienced walker who require the self-assurance that these paws give them.

The greater the area on the bottom of the paw, the greater the grip BUT; it also depends on the material of the paw. The softer the compound material, the greater the grip but the quicker they wear out.

If you want greatest grip, these are the kiddies.

If your paws are not wearing evenly, you need to check the length of your pole or your technique. If they wear at the front (heel), the poles may be too short. If they wear at the back, the poles might be a bit too long. If they wear at the side, talk to your instructor!


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