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Leki Micro Trail Pro (Pair)

Leki Micro Trail Pro Carbon trail running poles take performance to the next level. Member’s Price – £119.95

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Leki Micro Trail Pro Carbon trail running poles take performance to the next level. Going from a tiny folded packsize to ready to race in a couple of seconds, they provide reliable propulsion for your race days at a miniscule weight. New for 2019, Micro Trail Pro poles now come with the Shark Frame Mesh strap, a lighter, more breathable hand harness for even greater comfort on the move. The updated Leki Trail Tip now features a full-circle basket and still bites deeply and securely into the terrain with no alignment required.

As in the previous version, the Trigger 2 Shark cork handle extends down the handle for extra grip options on short uphill sections. Releasing the strap is as simple as sliding the red switch and reattaching it is even slicker. Assembly is merely a matter of pulling the top two sections apart until the push button appears, giving you fixed-length trail running poles as soon as they’re needed. Then you can be off onwards and upwards heading for your next record.

  • Fixed-length carbon trail running poles
  • Material: 100% carbon (HM)
  • Shaft diameter: 16/14/14 mm
  • Segments: 4 parts
  • Grip: Trigger Shark 2.0 (2-component)
  • Strap: Trigger Shark (Frame Strap Mesh)
  • Tip: Trail running tip
  • Collapsed length: 33 cm (average – depends on overall length)
  • Weight: 386 grams per pair
  • Fixed lengths available: 105 – 135 cm

Trigger Shark 2.0 – maximum comfort, maximum power transmission, easy handling – thanks to one-hand operation. Compatible with all Trigger Shark gloves.


Please note; these poles come WITHOUT PAWS but should you need some, we recommend the Leki Trekking paw. The paws need to be round as the sections can twist and therefore can’t accommodate the typical boot shape nordic walking paws