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8 March 2022 Membership explained…………………

Membership explained…………………

Welcome to WALX the ‘go to’ store for walking, Nordic walking and outdoor exercise accessories. We used to be the Nordic Walking UK store but that just didn’t fully describe the amazing range of activities delivered by our groups out there OR the amazing range of goodies stocked in our ever expanding store!

Like with any change, we know things can be confusing so hopefully this article will help YOU to understand how to get the DISCOUNTS and BENEFITS that being a Member of WALX and NORDIC WALKING UK can provide – especially in this STORE!

Members enjoy at least 10% in this store PLUS a host of other benefits with all of the major OUTDOOR retailers and our other health and lifestyle partners – for the full list of benefits visit HERE  where you can also JOIN if you have not done so already

National WALX and Nordic Walking UK Members get a digital card which is accepted in those Outdoor stores (Rohan, Cotswold, Blacks, Millets and more) and can access a host of codes to use on line too.

If you have been lucky enough to walk with one of our groups ( NORDIC WALKING UK or WALX) you may have already taken out this  National Membership (especially if you have been issued with a FREEDOM passport )BUT you would have had to APPLY for it – it is not simply available because you walk regularly or pay via Direct Debit for your walks and activities.

What does it cost to Join?

Its ONLY £14.99 a year and often cheaper for those with a FREEDOM PASSPORT

How can I check if I have joined previously and my National Membership is current?

The Membership renews annually and we would have notified you if it was about to roll over but the best way to check is to log in to the website that your local group now operate under (the clue is in their name i.e Watford Nordic Walking or WALX Dorset!)

If they are a Nordic Walking UK group click HERE and log in top right

If they are a WALX group click HERE and log in top right

Once you are in your profile/account area, simply scroll down to the Membership area and if your National Membership is current you should see a card AND a link to the BENEFITS and DISCOUNT codes – see picture. If for any reason you don’t see that give us a buzz on 0333 1234 540 or e mail us to support@walx.co.uk and we will check for you.

Note that you can also download and print the card too but most stores accept it via your phone.

Once that is sorted…..  simply pop back into the store via the store button at the top of the website you are in and Hey Presto, if you are a Member….you will see the discounted prices on all the items in this store.


We are here to help so if you get stuck – call the WALX team (we are real people who love walking and want you to make the most of every step!)

If you are a regular with our groups and have not explored th enew booking portal yet, take a minute to check out the features in your NEW profile account. You can now view a calendar of walks with your local group and book with a simple click ( it adds them to you google or outlook calendars too so you don’t forget )

You can also manage your payment packages, view past and future bookings, update your details and manage how we communicate with you. Welcome to the new way to walk!