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2 April 2022 NEW Fizan Impulse Nordic walking poles

NEW Fizan Impulse Nordic walking poles

Why are we so excited about the Fizan Impulse Nordic walking poles? Because they help people master the correct action so they walk naturally and gain maximum results!

Our mission has always been to bring Nordic Walking to the masses and to that end we have explored every type and make of Nordic walking poles over the years (over 15 years in fact) We only stock the ranges we know invest in research and development and we prefer poles that are height adjustable as we believe size really does matter when it comes to Nordic walking!

So what’s so special about the FIZAN IMPULSE poles? A simple 15 degree angle at the top of the pole which helps the user gain forward propulsion via a very natural movement. Nordic walking straps can be tricky to master as the walker actually has to avoid gripping the handle of the poles and concentrate on keeping the wrist at the correct angle too. This simple corrective angle really does make all the difference by ensuring the walker maintains a great wrist angle, avoids bending the arms and getting a good clean pole plant at an angle to provides maximum forward propulsion

Martin Christie talks about the Fizan Impulse poles

Martin Christie, who originally brought Nordic walking to the UK has taught over 5,000 Instructors and tested every pole range on the market. In this video he explains why he thinks the Fizan Impluse range will help both newcomers and existing Nordic walkers get the most from their Nordic walking.